Classes Offered

Download the Classes Offered (PDF format)

Intro to Ballet – ages 3+

Ballet – ages 4+

Mini Tap – ages 3+

Tap – ages 5+

Mini Jazz – ages 5+ (must also be enrolled in a ballet class)

Intro to Jazz – ages 6+ (must also be enrolled in a ballet class)

Jazz – ages 9+

Hip Hop – ages 7+

Pom – ages 7+

Modern – ages 8+

Lyrical – ages 8+

Contemporary – ages 9+

Musical Theatre Jazz – ages 6+

Leaps/Turns/Extensions – ages 8+

Pre-Pointe – ages 10+ (with Instructor approval). Two ballet classes a week are recommended for at least 1 year for anyone wishing to take pointe at age 12 or above (this is to develop technique and strengthen muscles required for pointe).

Pointe – ages 12+ (pointe will only be taught at my discretion and with the consent of a podiatrist/orthopedist; the dancer must take at least two ballet classes per week). The dancer must be physically strong and have a good understanding and presence of ballet technique.
Company*T – ages 7+ (by audition only). Please email for detailed information.


Adult Barre

Adult Tap

Adult Jazz

Dance With Me – ages 2-3

Tumble Time Tots – ages 3+

Acro/Tumbling – ages 5+ through Teen

Adult Exercise – Yoga