Share Your Photos

Posted by on Jun 28, 2014 in News
Share Your Photos

Hi to all of my awesome Tami Gee’s Families,

I hope you’re enjoying a little down time from the 2013/2014 Season/Recital. Even though I’m cleaning up my desk and working on Summer Paperwork, It certainly beats the running around and crazy deadlines I had to meet for the Recital.

I would LOVE to get pictures to post to our website and Facebook of the girls during the year. It can be during any of the dance days, even T*Unit competitions/practice/workshops.

If you care to share, please send me the pictures in one file so I don’t have 100′s of individual pictures. I don’t have time to look through and pick out good ones, so if you just send me what you want to share that would be awesome!!

I’m also looking for a picture of the backdrop that I forgot to take so I can set that as the new Facebook picture. Thanks so much!

Looking forward to some pictures of your cutie pies,