Studio Rules

Download the Studio Rules (PDF format)

  • All Dancers MUST wear proper dance attire to each class! (see Dress Code)
  • NO Eating or gum chewing allowed in the DANCE ROOMS.
  • Chairs are for sitting… Please use lockers for dance bags, shoes, jackets, etc.
  • While taking class, cell phones may not be used and should be set to vibrating mode.
  • Please be prompt. If your dancer is late and misses any or all of the warm-up, instead of participating in the class, he or she may have to observe the class. Lateness is not only disruptive to the class, but also unsafe for the dancer.
  • Do not leave children (dancers or siblings) unattended unless their class is in progress.
  • Please clean up after yourselves and your young children (especially cookies and cereal crumbs in the waiting area that end up on dancers’ shoes and on our dance floor).
  • Do not allow children to stand on the chairs, run up and down or play in the hallway. (This includes siblings)
  • The back area is designed as a quiet lounge and homework area.
  • For the safety of all dancers, walk them into the studio and pick them up inside of the studio after class.
  • Do not wear your dance shoes outside of the studio.
  • Do not wear street shoes (including parents) into the classrooms.
  • NO parking in the back of the building or along the curbs (back & side) – This is employee parking only for ALL businesses of the building. Parking is on the side of the building, side & front of Rite Aid or front of Food Lion.